EDIT: WE ARE USING A NEW WIKI AS OF NOW! The link to said wiki is http://algebra2algorithms.wikispaces.com/.

You may have noticed on the computerized schedule [[1]] that we are starting at 9 on Thursdays, but 10 on Mondays. In case some people don't get the message, we'll start with review this first Thursday. I've been throwing stuff at you fast enough that it's warranted.

Useful files, .image, .changes, .sources First look in P: a2a/Workspace

Students have write access, so YOU can contribute fixes and new fun stuff.

Orca (P:) a2a/Handouts --- will be a backup copy maintained by hand (Rik's hand). So, worst case scenario: someone mucks up the image in a2a/workspace, we can just copy a recent version out of a2a/handouts

PLEASE copy the files from a2a/workspace into your own directory before working on the image. It really does not work to have more than one person writing the very same file at the same time. Don't hesitate to give your image a different name when you save from within the image.

See http://algebra2algorithms.wikispaces.com for the currently-used A2a wiki.