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NEW! Drupal CMS Help

Building out the help section for our new CMS, one chunk at a time. This will ultimately be moved into the main Help Wiki, but not yet.

Where to Maintain Help Pages

For reference pages, like lists of colors, font sizes and styles, etc., use the Web Resources webpage.

For how-to pages for CMS users, use the Computing & Technology Help Wiki.

For internal web use, use this wiki, and the crelations/webteam shared drive.


Setting up a Google Analytics experiment

Not sure where to put this yet, how to set up CrazyEgg heat map:

Go thru wizard on CrazyEgg Copy script Create in _inc/js (just the part between the script tags) & publish script Add to page via "Page-specific JavaScript" widget/field Save/Publish Continue in CrazyEgg

Old Pages

These articles may need to be deleted or substantially revised:


FYI, if Richard Schneider is looking for "garage", the FTP address is, and the root directory is "garage".