Curricular technology support is built on the idea that technical staff consult and connect faculty with the appropriate technology to support their teaching. Through our liaison model, this is accomplished through one-on-one consultation, connecting faculty to appropriate technology resources and resource providers, developing custom solutions, and co-teaching technology workshops.

Specialty technology exists all over campus from the Sciences to Media to the Library. Your liaison can help you figure out what resources exist and where, and point you in the right direction to find the most appropriate technology to fit your teaching needs. Listed below are the primary enterprise-wide technology resources available to faculty to support their teaching.


Moodle is Evergreen's Learning Management System (LMS) and provides a foundation for course management on the web. Moodle supports structured course-work with tools inlcuding discussion forums, assignments, quizzes, peer assessment and many more. Moodle at Evergreen is password protected and requires enrollment in a course or program before access to the site is available. Learn more...


WordPress is a web publishing platform with a focus on ease of use, aesthetics, and web standards. WordPress in the curriculum can be used to create publicly accessible websites including curricular sites, blogs, faculty professional sites and student academic journals. Many faculty use a public WordPress curricular site in conjunction with a private Moodle site. Learn more...


64px-Mediawiki logo.png
Wikis are most often used when faculty want their students to create an online, collaborative knowledge-base. Evergreen uses the same base install of Mediawiki found at but can be customized to meet your needs. Some faculty have used wikis at Evergreen as a staging ground for student publishing at Wikipedia. Learn more...

Program Fileshares

Orca Program Shares are networked file space accessible only by the Faculty and registered students for a particular program. They can be accessed from both on and off campus. These folders are cycled and purged every quarter in order to provide sufficient workspace needed to meet curricular needs. Learn more...

Other websites

Using something else? Let Academic Computing know, we'd love to link to it and make it easier for your students and the rest of us to find it. Still using If you are still using these pages contact your Academic Computing Liaison and they can work with you to maintain or assist you in migrating to our newer publishing platforms. Learn more...

Computer Classroom Reservations

Contact your Academic Computing Liaison to schedule a computer classroom in either the Computer Center or CAL. There are 6 classrooms with 25 stations plus a teaching station connected to a projector. See: Computer Labs and Classrooms for a listing of all computer classrooms on campus.

Other favorite tools from Academic Computing Staff

  • Zotero - citation management tool that lives in your web browser
  • Flickr - web-based image storage with galleries and social networking options. Integrates well with WordPress sites at Evergreen.
  • Evernote - web-based note taking tool with rich media options
  • Prezi - non-linear presentation tool. Free educator accounts.