In the Multimedia Lab

Main Stations


The MML has 13 main stations that are Mac Pro towers running OS X 10.7 with dual 2.8 GHz quad core processors, 12 GB of Ram, and 16x burning speed double layer superdrive.


Each one has dual 22" LCD monitors, a DV-Cam deck and a video monitor. Some stations have a VHS deck connected to the DV deck inputs. Others have cable which allow for any type of videodeck to be connected to the DV deck inputs. They also all have a pair of small speakers and a pair of headphones.

The Teaching Station has a HDV deck that can play and record HDV, mini DV and DV-CAM tapes.


We have a variety of applications installed in the lab. Software includes OS X 10.7, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Design Premium, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Studio 3, iLife 11, Digital Performer 7, Peak 6 and Max/MSP 6. The Software List article has more information.

Conversion Station

The Jeunet station is an Mac mini that is set up with some extra applications not available on the other stations..

Analog capturing

  • It has a DVD player and VHS deck connected to a firewire converter box. Tapes and discs can be captured in Quicktime Pro at DV resolution.
  • This station also has a cassette deck and a turntable hooked up to a mixer.

Screen Recording

The application Screenflow is for recording the computer screen in real time. This can be used to record videos which are available on line as streams but not for downloading

AVCHD Conversion

ClipWrap is for converting AVCHD (.mts, .m2ts) files from HD camcorders. If Final Cut Pro or iMovie 09 does not work with a camera try these applications

Transfer Station

The Transfer Station can be used to transfer between a variety of formats: VHS, DVD, and DV-Cam. It is now located inside the MML. More information is available here Transfer Station.

Outside of the MML

Non-Linear Editing Suites

The three Non-Linear Editing suites are the same basic set up as the main MML stations.

  • They are in their own rooms around the corner from the MML in L1522, L1524 and L1526.
  • The Non-Linear suites require a proficiency for use which can be scheduled with the MML Intern. Cal 360-867-5455.
  • Once proficient students can schedule time and check out keys from Media Loan. Each suite has larger speakers and an audio mixer connected connected to the computer's audio input.

Audio Mixing Benches

The Audio Mixing Benches are the introductory level audio facilities.

  • Each lab has a mixer and a Mac Pro computer for digital audio editing.
  • The software includes Peak for basic editing and Digital Performer and Pro Tools for multi-track production.
  • The Mixing Benches do require a proficiency test.
  • Students can schedule time and checkout keys from Media Loan.

Animation Labs

There are two 2D labs, a 3D lab and an Oxberry lab. Specific information is available at the Animation website.

To use the animation labs, reserve time and check out a key through Media Loan (360) 867-6253.

Computer Center Media Stations

There are two media station in the Computer Center. Both stations have the same basic set up as the MML computers. One station has a MIDI keyboard and one has a DV deck and a NTSC video monitor. These stations are available on a first come first serve basis.