Answers may be found in the Vixia HD Camcorder Operating Guide. Complete this written portion and bring it with you to your scheduled operational proficiency. Call 867-6253 if you have any questions.

  1. What general precautions should you take when using this camcorder?

Be sure not to drop it, be aware of temperatures that would be too hot or too cold and be mindful of potential condensation. Don't be to hard on it, (excessive physical force), don't push anything through any openings, be sure not to let the viewfinder melt by not putting it in direct sunlight and remember that you are financially responsible for it.

  1. What media does the camcorder record to? Do you need to provide your own?

The camcorder records to a memory disc. You do not need to provide your own, but if your choose to use your own you must return the original.

  1. Describe the steps involved in manually focusing your shot.

1. access joystick menu by pushing up and down on joystick. 2. to select push joystick in set 3.pushing left will focus closer, while pushing right will zoom out. 4. to revert to auto focus, press joystick in again

  1. How do you change the camera’s white balance? Why is this setting important?

To change the cameras white balance, highlight Custom WB icon, point camera at white surface, and press set. This is important because light sources have different colors and you want to make sure that the levels are balanced in order to prevent a cast.

  1. When should and when shouldn’t you use the image stabilizer option?

This is useful when using the camera hand held. This setting should be turned off what you are using a tripod.

  1. Briefly explain how to record and play back footage.

turn camera on, mode setting towards the M and press start and stop to record and pause recording. To play back footage, press and hold the wireless controller to switch into playback mode.

  1. List two ways to access the full manual for this camera.

You can download a PDF or request through media loan.

  1. What considerations should you take when copying files off the camcorders memory card?

Never remover camera card when connected through a USB and safely eject when using APPLE products.

  1. What is the extent of your financial responsibility when you’ve checked out this camera?

If it is late a late fee will be applied for every day that it isn't returned. I will be responsible for all damaged or lost equipment financially.


(To be done during your scheduled appointment)

  • Identify all the parts and controls on the camera.
  • Attach a battery to the camera, and mount it securely on a tripod. Attach power adapter to DC in terminal.
  • Describe and set the AE mode, white balance, and recording quality options.
  • Manually focus the camera on an object of choice, then switch back to autofocus mode.
  • Record 30 seconds of footage and play it back.
  • Attach the camera to an external microphone and headphones. Correctly set the headphone/AV option.
  • Correctly set the date and time in the camera.
  • Put the palmcorder and its accessories back into its case. Correctly pack up the tripod, microphone, and headphones.