This wiki was created by students enrolled in the all-level, undergraduate program "The Reach of Federal Indian Law & Policy" at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. According to the class website, "this one-quarter, student-centered program will survey the layers of federal, state and tribal law and policy that affect specific, student-chosen aspects of major current issues in Indigenous communities: human services, visual/performing arts, education, urban communities, health care, religious practices, literature, sports, or other potential topics."[1] Students enrolled in "The Reach of Federal Indian Policy" engage in the close-reading and seminar discussion of three main texts, In the Courts of the Conqueror: the Ten Worst Indian Law Cases Ever Decided by Walter R. Echo-Hawk,[2] A People’s History of the Supreme Court (revised Edition) by Peter Irons,[3] and Legal Research: How To Find & Understand The Law (Seventeenth Edition) by Stephen Elias.[4] In addition to posting their reading responses to their individual blogs, amalgamated on the class blog,[5] the students conducted a intensive research project culminating in either a 20-page paper or participation in a mock court. The students contributed to this wiki during class time and as appropriate when relevant to their independent research and reading. As a result there is an emphasis on Supreme Court Justices (as directed by faculty Arlen Speights), as well as on specific federal legislature and judicial decisions impacting the United States Indian law and policy covered by the class.

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