April 18, 2012 individual CIRAL plans

From civicintelligence

These tasks are based on the notes that Doug took from the April 18 CIRAL meeting.

Please feel free to update the information after your name! I may have gotten it wrong. I also suggest that you add comments to other peoples' tasks.

If you've identified a content area and you're not involved in it already, please think about how it could be changed into a project -- or a study area. How could it advance civic intelligence?

If you've identified a community group, you could think about what types of projects might be possible

If you've identified a possible project please start thinking about how it could be turned into a project. What tasks would need to be done?

Individual Tasks

Robert -- homelessness

Alix -- GRUB

Eric -- Action -- ecology / free education / facebook page

Sally -- homelessness / paintings for fundraising

Justin -- homelessness / learning

Michael -- home office / Longview project (hopefully will inform CIRAL!!)

Jess -- Sidewalk training / homelessness group / [flyers]

Stephanie -- (1) restorative justice workshop (2) non-violent communciation workshops (3) activist book exchange

Michella -- volunteering with herbal clinic / home office

Kevin -- community shellfish

Alex -- volunteers with sidewalk / met with Anna Schlect (sp?) thurston county / wants to do an Occupy model (use cards with Occupy?!?!?) / Venn diagram plan

Juan -- facilitating Trio - getting kids into college

Kyle Day -- wiki rearranging

Isaac -- home office, improving processes

Jeremiah -- refine processes

Galen -- civic intelligence workshops / student club

Shawn -- homelessness / carry out survey and help institutionalize CIRAL / met with Anna Schlect (sp?) thurston county / has letter that Carl could probably use in a CIRAL brochure

Arnold -- research / re-emergence of older techniques

Amanda -- home office / action

Carl -- working with Kyle perhaps on Wiki etc. / develop a CIRAL pamphlet

Zach -- helping with graphic assists / pattern card development? / occupy cards? / logos? / pamphlet support