Big Tent for Social Change (32)

From civicintelligence

When separate groups work on social issues without learning of what similar groups are doing on related issues, opportunities for exchanging ideas are lost. Historically it has been difficult to bring diverse groups together to discuss and mobilize on social issues of shared concern. Worse, groups that should be working together have a tendency to argue fiercely over philosophical or other points of disagreement, thus making collaboration nearly impossible. Bringing groups together in a big tent where a multiplicity of perspectives is encouraged fosters numerous opportunities for discussion of solutions to social problems and sharing of ideas that help other groups working on the same or similar issues. Those who attend a Big Tent event like the World Social Forum certainly have a better understanding of the enormity of the world!s problems but also can begin to entertain some cautious optimism. Airing the problems of the world with dedicated people who are working to create "another world" that is more equitable, sustainable, and peaceful than our current world is a necessary step in the solution of these problems.

Text: Mary Reisner