Brainstorm Communication Strategy

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How can we use the wiki to work together?

Discussion Pages

For now we talked about keeping most of our work on the CIRAL Group Project page and using the Talk:CIRAL Group Project page to give feedback to each other and ask questions.

  • You can use ~~~ to automatically add your username after a comment and ~~~~ to add your username and the time.
  • You can click the + on the views menue to the side to start a new section of the discussion. This could be helpful for organizing the discussion around different topics on the page.


We talked about creating syntax icons to use as a way of making clear to each other thoughts about our work and where we need help.

Please help expand and refine this list
  • A symbol indicating a strong feeling that a part should stay as it is... symbol that looks like
  • A symbol indicating that phrasing or idea is uncertain or not precise and needs to be re written.
  • A symbol indicating a desire to rewrite w/ reasons found in the discussion area
  • A symbol (followed by a number) indicating that an active and unresolved discussion (in the discussion section w/ the same number) exists.
  • A symbol to indicate "in progress".
  • A symbol to indicate that someone has lost interest or has no intention to work on something. (can be deleted if someone else wants to take it up)
  • A symbol to indicate something needs cross referencing or research for verification
  • The pattern card symbols (or future additions) with elinks, to give supporting or referencing context to how the writer was inspired to think what they are writing. (the point of this being to recreate similar "intellectual influence" in hopes of aligning the readers thoughts with the writers and perhaps the ideal effect being that the reader comes to the same conclusions as the writer before finishing the text. This is based upon the idea that if as a group we come to have the same building blocks of knowledge, that are arranged in a similar manner within our minds; then we begin accelerating our communication. Much like friends develop "inside jokes" where one word can provoke a re imagining of a whole realm of memory, experience and relation.)
  • A symbol for "What the hell your talking about?"

What roles are you interested in taking for this project?

  • Galen - Brainstorming necessary syntax, inventing icons for said syntax.
  • Michael - Developing the Implementation model and the core class
  • Devin - Contributing to the content of the core class's catalog/course description. Developing thoughts about how to frame/structure the way group contractors are going to present their progress/research to the core class. Once we determine the syntax symbol for "in progress" I will put that here because I'm still brainstorming possible roles.
  • Gary - Developing implementation model. Research the way group contracts are carried out currently at Evergreen.

Other questions...

Q. Should icons (:( be designed to frame a sentance ):)