CIRAL Competencies

From civicintelligence

For each of the six categories or competencies, there should ultimately be ideas (or patterns!!) for Developing, Implementing, Reflecting, Revising, Maintaining... that particular category. This of course suggests a pattern language and under each category, we can list relevant patterns as well as descriptive verbiage (including that for actual activities and tasks).

  • Philosophy and Perspective

What philosophies guide the project? And how do we institutionalize and internalize these?

  • Community

What activities can we be doing in the short-term to help develop the type of culture within CIRAL that we need to tackle the jobs we've described for ourselves?

  • Capacity

Capacity describes the wide range of resources that CIRAL could draw from, including skills; techniques; knowledge; resources (online and otherwise); researching; research, activist, professional networks, among others.

  • Structure and Procedures (and other administrative framework. Note that this could be called “Institutionalization”)

Default Meetings (in the absence of other needs, the format of the meetings should be reasonably established)

  • Projects (the particular focus that we determine to apply ourselves towards)

  • Relationships (with “outside” groups, the CCBLA, the administration, various non-profits)