CIRAL workshop - Winter 2012 - q2

From civicintelligence

Here are my notes from the Home Office workshop/presentation from the last class of winter quarter.


  • Articles and text can be broken into keywords and tags, so that searches can be conducted that relate to certain contexts, themes, or topics. A possible way of creating tags and keywords could be the utilization of the pattern cards.
  • There could be a threshold between a compiling space and an archive space that is open source to allow updates to outdated work and data as well as further contributions.
  • A set of editing norms should be developed so that contributors are comfortable editing other people's work and have a guideline for doing so. Edits to work should be considered positive and constructive. Ideas should be shared and developed collectively.
  • Look into the type of interface used by Fiorella di Cindio as possible guideline.
  • Create transparency of organizations (collect and input data and info on organizations, so that we know their strengths and weaknesses, how they operate, and how and where they could use our help).
  • What kind of data? Numerical and anecdotal.....other types? Database should be like a tree: many branches interconnecting and growing from each other.
  • Create CIRAL code of ethics for engaging with community organizations: know our impact!
  • Database should provide direction for students- Home Office research project catalog.