Carl Determeyer

From civicintelligence

About me: I'm currently a standing junior that is coming off of a very rough fall quarter. This is my second class with Doug and am very excited to getting back into Civic Intelligence. I also play on the soccer team here at TESC and am a full time mechanic in Fife, WA.

Interests: I enjoy long walks on the beach, horses, flowers and candle lit dinners. Galactic travel, and discovering the last digit of pie are some of my recent achievements that I can't tell you about due to the fact they are classified.

Thoughts on Learning Objectives: I really am excited for this idea of trying to create a sustainable and on going project that will inform/educate that public. The idea of civic intelligence is extremely exciting for me to learn and engage myself into.

Issues I'm Interested in: I'm really interested in shipping and transportation of goods/materials, being a mechanic for a very successful trucking company its kinda became part a huge part of my life. For my final assignment i'm going to try to engage myself in a case study about the trucking industry and bring examples of how that specific industry is being "civicly intelligent."

Contributions: Humor and a hard working attitude are what I am going to bring to the table. Its always important to work hard and get the project at hand done, but at times we can get too wrapped up in the project and need a little humor to lighten the mood in order to move on through difficult times.