Collective Decision Making (10)

From civicintelligence

Divided decision making is a major factor behind the disrupted personal relationships, fragmented communities, atomized specializations, and compartmentalized organizations that have become standard in Western society. In addition there is a tendency to belittle the power of the creative use of the imagination. Yet to resolve any serious issue in any community for the long term, the collective voices of individuals, the community, experts, organizations and creative thinkers are required. However, each of these contributions is issued from a distinct knowledge culture with its own preferred form of evidence, language and outcomes. While all are required for effective decisions, each knowledge culture is likely to reject the contributions of the others. To work constructively together, the set of knowledge cultures need to accept the legitimacy of each other's contribution. Tools have been developed to assist in what is a transformational change. For example, an extensive series of workshops have demonstrated that when the knowledge cultures meet in an environment of collective learning, the outcome is a synergistic solution — one that is greater than anyone could achieve alone — followed by collaborative action.

Text: Valerie Brown