Developing an External Project (attached to a cluster)

From civicintelligence
  1. Identify types of Organizations for collaboration.
  2. Research organizations and verify that they are vetted.
  3. Contact selected organizations for consideration and contact negotiations.
  4. Negotiate distribution of powers, duties, and Responsibilities to then democratically select group to work with.
  5. Identify project to be developed: Education, Environment, Food, Homelessness, Home Office, ICT development, etc.
  6. Identify personnel to be assigned to project from within in the cluster.
  7. Identify person taking a leadership role on project.
  8. Identify project parameters defined in proposal: goals, guidelines, feedback and control, continual improvement, sustainability.
  9. Collaborative project group leaders democratically approves or disapproves projects and needed minor revisions- major revisions through group discussion.
  10. Create working team from collaborative partnership, and identify; duties, and leadership roles.
  11. Implementation.