From civicintelligence

"The condition of our planet tells us we must now begin to take responsibility for what happens beyond the reach of our fingertips. We must begin to reconsider the source of these utilities, our access to them, and how we dispose of the waste produced. The mechanical systems of the Earthship confront these issues directly. We call this direct living. Source, access and destination are all contained within the Earthship, within the reach of our fingertips. There is no mystery involved in Earthship electricity. There is no unknown source of water. There is no magical black hole that sucks up all our sewage. Instead, we work in harmony with the earth to deal with these issues - taking what it has to give us directly and giving back what it wants to receive. With this harmony ringing in our minds we evolve the Earthship Systems."

  • Michael Reynolds designed the earthship structure and has spent the last 20 years lobbying to get State planning code permission to continue building them. Part of Michael Reynolds education program is to visit Countries who have had a natural disaster and show communities how to construct their own Earthship using, tires, bottles and plastic.