Evan Skandalis

From civicintelligence

About Me

This is my second quarter at Evergreen. I came here, like many others, because I am disturbed and disillusioned by the turn that humanity has taken for the worst, and am actively learning about how to direct positive changes that could change the course we are on.


The Outdoor Program at Evergreen, rock climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, backpacking, Zimbabwean marimbas, movies, music, reading, bicycling everywhere in Olympia, sunny weather, surfing, slam poetry, road trips and baking.

 Thoughts on Learning Objectives

- Much of LV resonated deeply with thoughts that I've had for a long time, essentially can we dig ourselves out of the mess we are in and create sustainable connections and interactions on all levels of life before the planet melts down.

 Issues I'm interested in

Entrepeneurism, social responsibility


During my senior year of high school I helped spearhead a conservation service learning project at Mt.Rainier National Park. I have a very keen interest in putting boots on the ground, and believe firmly in the idea of NW guidebook author Harvey Manning in 'greenbonding'. His idea was that people respond to direct contact with natural places in a way that makes them appreciate the land more than just watching a movie or a lecture on environmental degredation. I think that re-connecting people to the natural places that support them will engage them in civic intelligence and is my greatest hope to break through the massive environmental issues that are on our plate.