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Patterns Chosen

Patterns/ Apples to Apples

Rounds 1-5 (Chosen Patterns)

  • Design For Unintended Use (Adjective: Refreshing)
  • Patient Access to Medical Information (Adjective: Puzzling)
  • Equal Access to Justice (Adjective: Impossible)
  • Earths Vital Signs (Adjective: Timely)
  • Community Networks (Adjective: Exciting)

Top Three Selected

  • Patient Access to Medical Information
  • Earths Vital Signs
  • Community Networks


An experiment to research medical issues caused by the environment and creating a network to distribute this information.

1. Narrative Plan:

- Create a survey to measure health conditions - Research and Analysis - Data Imagery - Plan Distribution - Network the Information

2. Justify why this is a good example:

- It will help create and promote health and well being - It will give informal/informational tools that allow a person to maximize their environment and living conditions to the best it can be (with in their power). - There are many who do not know that simple changes in one's environment can impact their health in a significant way.

3. Who this will benefit:

- Everyone (potentially) - More specifically... those who participate in the survey that are open to receiving and using the collected data from there answers in a way that helps them improve their health. - Those who are not in the best spots financially, but are missing out on great opportunities to create a healthier environment for themselves (with little to no cost).

4. Why do you think that this is a good example of civic intelligence?

- Improving health and well being through awareness is beneficial to the community- which is a core aspect of what civic intelligence and social collective action is.

Mission Statement

Create awareness of medical issues created by the environment.


Kyle, April, Isaac, Will, Juan