Forms of collective intelligence

From civicintelligence

The following table shows three major orientations of collective intelligence. (Of course there are many, many other groupings that assume different forms and take different strategies.)

Business Government Civil Society
Name Competitive Intelligence Strategic Intelligence Civic Intelligence
Orientation Profit driven Power, the "national interest" Social and environmental amelioration, values-driven
Organization Top-down, bureaucratized Top-down, bureaucratized Network-based, provisional, fluid leadership; yet still marginal and under-utilized
Engagement Public relations campaign, advertising, lobbying Legislation, speeches, meetings Protests, letter writing, campaigns, discussions with peers, voting, document disclosure
Intelligence Competitive, focus groups, industrial espionage State level, spy satellites, wire tapping, strategic analysis, covert, polling New framing of issues, intelligence networks, monitoring, FOIA (freedom of information act) requests
Products and Products Services and commodities for sale Services, licensing, policies, regulations, laws, policing, defense and war Social innovation, social maintenance, services, policy papers, advocacy and protest, citizen journalism, citizen science, etc. New communication services, applications and technology.
Resources Variable but often vast Variable but often vast Variable, generally unfocused and insufficient - but potentially vast

— from Presentation at HCII, Beijing