Free School Project

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Free School Project: proposed by Devin, Brandon, and Jeremiah

Derived from the following themes of Saturday's workshop: "Developing and Holding Spaces," Building Solutions, Bridging Gaps, and Building Common Ground."

Patterns exemplified: "Commons" (2), "Great Good Place" (119), and "Opportunity Spaces" (33).


  • Students undertaking this project could develop a common space that would be welcome to anyone wishing to learn from and/or teach educational courses for no monetary cost.
  • Students would create and facilitate this open space, acting to stimulate effective communication of ideas and creating a positive atmosphere where informal instruction is well received.

Other Goals of this Project:

  • Building off of collective experience internationally.
  • Documenting and making information accessible to members of the community.
  • Creating "a meeting place for ideas to have sex." -Steven Johnson, "Where good ideas come from."