Fungi Perfecti

From civicintelligence

What do you think of when you think of fungus? Do you think of John Madden berating you with the benefits of tough actin Tenactin? Wrong! We are actually more closely related to fungus than we are to plants. Not only that, but fungus have some of the most fascinating metabolisms in the world, surviving as decomposers off of the most diverse array of substances you could imagine, rivaled only by bacteria. They have developed complicated physiologies and interactions with surrounding organisms. The by-products of their ways of life have ENORMOUS implications for us humans.

Paul Stamets, an Evergreen graduate, is a world renowned fungal expert, specializing in medicinal fungi. But his abilities are not limited to just that. His company, Fungi Perfecti, offers many medicinal and just plain eatable supplements as well as kits to grow your own! Not only that, he has developed and patented several ways that mushrooms can address major global concerns that we must overcome if the human race is to prosper. Here is a lecture he gave called 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World. Enjoy!

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