Future Design (88)

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By acting as though the future will never arrive and things never change, we are subconsciously creating the future with the seeds that we are sowing today. Whether by actively embracing the conventional "wisdom" that has created these socially and environmentally precarious times or by succumbing to the dictates of habit, instinct or necessity, humankind seems to sleepwalking into the future. Indeed it is quite plausible that we are creating the ideal conditions today for unspeakable disasters tomorrow. The purpose of this pattern is to get people actively engaged envisioning better futures and making plans on how to get there. Through "rehearsing for the future" we hope to create a wealth of possible scenarios that could become the positive "self-fulfilling prophecies" of tomorrow, rather than the self-defeating scenarios that seem to rule today.

Text: Douglas Schuler

  • Working notes for game card

Your town is looking into the future, and working on creative solutions to ensure that future generations are still able to thrive in your community. With the planet facing dwindling natural resources and a population approaching 7 billion, your town has decided to face these issues head on. Through debates, research, analysis and community involvement they have founded a new direction for the town. Project, to build a solar park on the mountains surrounding the town, to make available reduced price solar panels for all residents who want the chance to install them. This action will create a sustaining loop as residents feed the grid with their own generated power.more info here

Goals to Be Met

1. Volunteers

A major aspect of Future Design is participatory work. Volunteers can devote their hours to drafting specific projects today that are designed for tomorrow. If each player acquires 75 volunteers, inclusive work on civic goals can be done.

2. Money

What projects are developed require investment. This town needs $1000 to create its project.

3. Buildings and Trees

Future design must encompass all aspects of development. Other goals of the town need to be congruent with the solar park as to not off set its benefits. There must be 2 trees on each property owned and you must have a monopoly of a neighborhood.