Group Discussion

From civicintelligence

I thought that this would be a helpful tool for us to discuss new ideas, who is working on what, problems, inspiration! etc etc

  • Last class we had discussed that we would individually start to work on shared vision cards, based on the pattern cards that we picked. I added all of our pattern cards to the wiki and a link where we can add the shared vision card. I have also added a couple of rough ideas for the shared vision cards. it is a start to tease out these ideas. Emma
  • May 19th- Shall we have the mortgage system within the original rules? I am voting to eradicate it for simplicity...anyone else? Emma

I agree with Emma, I don't know that we need the mortgage section for our game. The same with the bankrupt section. Dale

  • May 20th- I have added some more aspects to the standard game rules, additions in Italics, open for discussion/editing.

Additional questions for discussion, I had these in my notes for a team meeting but we did not answer them, so here they are open for debate:

  • Trees- How much are they? How do you get them? Are trees going to be treated the same as houses? available from the bank? How do you feel about the more trees on a property combined with houses the more rent/donation needed?

I think trees are treated the same as the houses and purchased from the bank. Dale