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  • What are you a part of now?
  • Philosophy of Participation


  • Experimental Education
  • Research
  • Action

Modes of Engagement

  • alternative to typical classroom setting
  • theoretical frameworks
  • pattern language
  • research frameworks
  • projects

Planning your time with CIRAL

  • building a body of knowledge
  • engaging the material
  • ongoing project participation
  • capstone

Working in Groups

  • shared responsibility
  • social dominance attenuation
  • rotating leadership
  • need for communication -- platforms and tools

Resource Guide

  • CIRAL Database
  • By Topic/Issue
  • References
  • Advice from CIRAL vets

The CIRAL Handbook was suggested during fall quarter 2011. It's an excellent idea and we should probably start working on it.

Since we are still developing the idea as well as the actual manifestation of the idea, the handbook is necessarily still a work-in-progress.

Perhaps we should have two handbooks? One that describes the work we're currently doing and one that documents what we're doing and how we believe it ought to be done? Or, maybe there should always be a workspace with tasks in it — and a handbook that is more like a reference?