Interactive Wiki Training Game

From civicintelligence


  • To build familiarity with community thinking.
  • To see and understand community thinking by participating in a live community thinking session.
  • To teach skills with relevant programs such as
  1. Civic Intelligence Wiki
  2. Google docs (depending on multi user issues with Wiki).
  • To build trust by fostering and establishing online norms. As we have such a small class and have had the chance to communicate and feel out eachothers personalities, its important now to feel comfortable editing peoples posts. By this point we know that no one is out to get them so we should trust eachother to edit our posts for the better of the project.

Basic Rules

  • Game purpose is to come up with a set of rules that explains what is or is not allowed on wiki editing, and how it will be done. (Note, this is to be considered an exercise for learning and not as a means of creating a permanent set of rules, though the exercise may spark discussion)
  • The amount of text on the page/game board, is limited to one page (Note: This is to ensure that players must edit each others entries).

Possible Rules (these rules are up for discussion and no not necessarily go together)

  • Every player must edit/post or edit a minimum 3 of times.
  • Each player starts out with one sentence of their choosing (with their name by it)
  • You always leave your name by what you edit
  • If someones name turns up on your sentence, you must edit the sentence of the person that edited yours. After doing so, you must delete their name from your sentence.
  • You cannot edit a sentence with two names on it. If a person who's name is on your sentence cannot be edited because of this, you must edit the sentence of the next person in line. After doing so you may delete the first persons name.