International Cooperation of Environmental Youth (I.C.E.Y.)

From civicintelligence

I.C.E.Y is an international youth environmental organization that provides educational activities and tools to young people around the world with the goal of preserving our environment. I.C.E.Y. will seek to work with various government and civic organizations as well as other environmental groups in an effort to promote humanitarian environmentalism. I.C.E.Y. believes early environmental education is critical for raising young eco-heroes for current and future generations.

I.C.E.Y.'s Mission is to educate today’s youth toward a greater understanding of how to:

  • Promote Humanitarian Environmentalism and Education
  • Protect Clean Water Sources and Protect Forests and Wildlife
  • Promote and Practice Renewable Energy
  • Promote Healthy Nutritional Habits and Organic Foods
  • Research the Causes and Effects of Climate Change and Pollution