Introduction to Section II

From civicintelligence

We have tentatively identified several major areas in which civic intelligence plays — or could play — significant roles.

Our plan is to treat each of these chapters in basically the same way.

The basic Plan has four parts:

(1) A Introduction to the perspective

(2) One or more case studies that show different facets of this perspective. Our decision was, as much as it's possible, not to artificially separate thinking and doing. At the same time we do want to present a variety of approaches, some of which will be better suited for think-work and some will be better suited for action (that plays out in the "real" (or material?) world.

(3) Conclusions

(4) Finally, a section that includes text book like end-of-chapter exercises, questions for the student, suggested activities, etc.

Here is the proposed plan for the perspective chapters

Of course we also need to talk about content here!

Ultimately we can preview the case studies here.

We can also talk about why we decided to do things this way.

We need to talk about why we decided to focus on perspectives — and why we selected the perspectives we did. Generally we think they are all fairly broad and important ways of looking at the world. Did we leave any out?