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Use this page to add objectives or bulleted items under them. Use sub-bullets (precede the line with ** ; i.e. two asterisks) to show specific tasks. Finally, these tasks can be followed with names of people who would like to work in those areas. (Doug has identified one such task below that he'd like to work on.)

1. Bring new participants up to speed and integrate them into existing projects

  • Use workshops and the World Cafe model early on
  • Promote the use of consensus within the group
  • Include a welcome/explanatory letter
  • Provide a handbook with explanations and FAQ
  • Include previous projects to inform further work
  • Urgent needs list, acknowledging spec. jobs and identifying personal strengths amongst the class.

2. Maintain momentum on existing projects and help inform the formation of new ones

3. Use existing projects to inform CIRAL development (explore grant funding, perhaps? Or project funding pools)

  • Document challenges, could use as a case study for informing project development.
  • Keep info on useful skills, tools and individual assets

4. Work Flows and Processes

  • Develop project definitions and time lines for community work
  • Identify the processes we will be needing to develop and begin to develop draft processes
    • What are possible life-cycles for projects? (Doug)
  • How do we frame and develop our mission and projects in a civically intelligent way?

5. Resources — and otherwise

  • Identify stakeholders and possible community partners
  • Identify types of resources and then identify what metadata needs to be obtained for useful searching
  • Collect the information for the repository
  • Slowly but surely, organize our wiki
  • Identify other resources to develop
    • CIRAL Handbook
    • Idea repository! (e.g. how do we ensure that Alex's suggestion about a class fee is not forgotten)
    • Ongoing email list (PSP or riseup or ??)

6. Define three projects

  • Identify criteria that might be useful for these initial

7. Discuss possible projects with community groups — as appropriate

8. Develop a marketing plan

  • First, think about the purpose of a marketing plan
  • Second, identify what elements are usually in marketing plans

9. Research

  • Thinking about how various projects can translate action into civic intelligence
    • E.g. how could the homeless survey be used in this way? (Robert)

10. Developing similar organizational structures across groups