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Mission Statement

  • To make Internet access on The Evergreen State College Campus more civically intelligent by increasing bandwidth, connectivity, and speed.

Winning Patterns

  • Media Intervention - Dubious - The intervention of mainstream media is very :dubious.
  • Voices of the Unheard - Tragic - People not represented in the own lives is tragic.
  • Arts of Resistance - Viral - Both resistance and oppression are viral.
  • Multiparty Negotiation for Conflict Resolution - Confrontational - Confrontation :is necessary when dealing with conflict negotiations.
  • Accessibility of Online Information - Useful - Online info encompasses almost :every component of the modern world, thus having access to the internet is very :useful.


  • At the current stage of The Evergreen State College, each student is required to pay for internet access as part of their tuition. Our goal is to allow students to have internet access without having to pay the added fee on their tuition. The college plans to put in a new Verizon Cell Tower, which would allow better coverage for students on campus, but it would occupy space on campus that could be used for other potential student activities. We feel that because the college is directing more traffic Verizon's coverage the company should give the college more bandwidth.

Example of Online System

  • By increasing access and connectivity to the internet on campus, it will create an influx of users on the Verizon Network generating more traffic and thus more revenue for Verizon. Because of more bandwidth and faster internet speed, the internet will be more reliable and accessible on campus. This will result in an increase in involvement of Online Systems on campus, including but not limited to the campus website, moodle, and CIRAL.

Who Benefits?

  • Anyone on The Evergreen State College campus will benefit from this installment including students, faculty, and visitors. It will especially benefit the students as they will not have to pay the mandatory additional fee for internet access. Also benefiting from this is the Verizon Network which gets more traffic and thus

Patterns for Workshop

  • Accessibility of Online Information
  • Voices of the Unheard
  • Arts of Resistance

Why does this create civic intelligence?

  • The internet itself is a form of collective intelligence. It can be used as a form of civic intelligence as well. When used as civic intelligence it is necessary to create an efficient system by which those practicing civic intelligence can go about it more efficaciously. By increasing speed, connectivity, and bandwidth, this allows for people using the internet for civic intelligence to work at a higher level.

Group Members

Asher, Casey, Nick, Sherry