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About Me

I'm a contract student studying PHP website programming under Doug. I'm passionate about bringing the power of web-based collaboration into the local social service community - see the online HelpDirectory for an example.

Outside of school I direct SideWalk, a service center for people experiencing homelessness. My wife and I also live at and run Bread & Roses, a shelter for women experiencing homelessness. I serve on a few regional planning committees for homeless services, am considered a local expert on homelessness, and am a great resource for students interested in researching and addressing homelessness. I'm also pretty well connected in the larger nonprofit community in Olympia, and am available to advise groups in the class on ways to connect in the community. Feel free to call me 360 259-2005 or email me


homelessness & poverty, ecological sustainability, WordPress web development platform, volunteer operated social services (actually volunteer operated anything), performance management, data-driven strategy, community based solutions to poverty, intentional communities (Bread & Roses, my home, is a Catholic Worker community), urban farming, really bad sci-fi shows, and whiskey (bourbon only)

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