Pick List

From civicintelligence

Miscellaneous CIRAL tasks

  • Work with other groups to explore / define and establish relationships (via objectives, projects, mission match, etc.)
  • Identify missing information that we should find or develop (e.g. community partnership agreements)
  • Identify important curricular areas for upcoming CIRAL programs
  • Understand and codify administrative, legal, etc. (and other) environment
  • Conduct marketing, advertising, or public relations work
  • Critique and improve upon draft documents
  • Develop software requirements for creating or improving various tools or resources (e.g. for CCBLA volunteer application)
  • Develop mission statements for CIRAL thematic clusters
  • Identify possible stakeholders and potential relationships

Miscellaneous e-Liberate tasks

  • Attend test e-Liberate meetings
  • Record bugs and questions in the e-Liberate Task Log
  • Help oversee e-Liberate meetings
  • Help develop e-Liberate requirements, identify and/or fix bugs, recode (?!?) or port to Drupal module

Some Cool Ideas

  • Develop the Best Documentary Film of the year that explores Civic Intelligence
  • Develop a more accessible pattern card deck
  • Develop pattern, team-building and other workshops that could be conducted with community groups and Evergreen students
  • Occupy Evergreen

Possible Academic Roles

In addition to preparing people to go into the field (which includes cultural competency, skill-building, etc.), the following research and related activities could be undertaken. Although these are specifically listed in relation to Evergreen's Gateways project, that supports education for incarcerated youth at Green Hill, they are generally applicable to other situations as well.

  • Policy research and development work
  • Public service announcements & other public awareness work
  • Research on economic impacts of incarceration (now about 60 - 70 billion dollars direct expenses yearly in US)
  • Help develop and support institutional memory of the project
  • Curricular development or other training and educational programs for Gateway and Evergreen community members
  • Educational philosophy of the project and Evergreen's support
  • Institutionalization of the project, in general and at Evergreen
  • Exporting model (to other schools and other regions)
  • Researching other relevant approaches (in other regions, countries, departments, etc.)
  • Placement in jobs, education
  • Surveys and other approaches to understanding the problem and evaluation
  • Technical support to project, e.g. logistics, computer, administration, planning, facilitating design
  • Mapping and community studies (e.g. of places students come from)
  • Understanding problem domain, history, economic and political contexts,
  • Maintain relevant reference (etc.) library or other resource
  • Identifying resources and securing them
  • Facilitating conversations, conferences, working sessions, etc. about the problem and possible solutions