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How do we go from where we are to where we want to be?

Planning is a future oriented process used to catalyze changes to the current situation. Planning is a dynamic system that evolves as more context is given to the situation. Planning does not stand alone, and in fact calls upon all the other Constituents of Intelligence in its process. A plan is not a sure way to get where you are going. As we all know, life often makes us deviate from our plans. But a good plan can serve as a hand rail as we navigate into the future, keeping the goal in focus when we encounter obstacles.

Planning Processes

  • Individual
  • To-Do lists
  • Group
  • Blueprints

Social Forces/Institutions of Planning

  • City Planning Office
  • Government
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Education

Examples of Planning

  • The Evergreen State College - A social institution based around socially aware education and creating educated persons that act as instruments of change both personally and globally.
  • The Constitution of the United States of America is a blueprint written to help guide the country in maintaining the rights of the citizens. Naturally, as people interact in social and economic processes, various issues arise that could use the help of outside guidance in resolving potential conflict. The Constitution is there as a guide to lead the resolution process back to the values agreed upon by the forefathers. The House and Senate propose laws created by the people that support the Constitution. The Executive Branch operates under these laws. The Supreme Court deliberates on an issue citing these laws exclusively. When examining the way governance is carried out today, it is no mystery that we have strayed from the founding principles of the Constitution. But it remains as the central document in which all these processes are carried out, no matter how far from the intended goals the practice may be.

Obstacles in Effective Planning

  • Self motivation, or lack there of
  • Interested 1st parties (as opposed to disinterested 3rd parties)
  • Tradition
  • Biased/Profit Driven Media
  • Access to resources
  • Education

Current Issues

Below is a list of current issues that, because of changing time require reexamination

  • Over-consumption
  • Energy Use
  • Equitable Access to technology
  • Food industry
  • Educational reform
  • Healthcare reform