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SeeMe is a diagrammatic modeling language which is primarily used for socio techincal work processes and structures. SeeMe is an acronym for Semi-Structured Socio-Technical Modeling Method. Created in 1997, SeeMe was created because existing modeling languages were inaccurate and insufficient for the purposes of socio technical modeling. See-Me helps with creating or replacing individual software for companies that need specific systems to be built for their purposes. SeeMe models often incorporate a number of different aspects of documentation, such as " Features of the technical components and their interplay; conditions, events or exceptions; resources; roles, actors and their competencies and skills; work procedures; communication and cooperation, human-computer interaction, power relations and interests etc" (Seeme in a nutshell, Herman,

SeeMe helps to explore the development of a socio technical solution and at the same time acts as a way to record this process. See-Me is useful in seeing the logic and decisions which go behind why certain avenues are explored, and how researchers and developers come to certain conclusions with regard to the development process.

The basic elements of a SeeMe model are made up of "Roles" which describe the function of an individual or group in the socio technical model. "Activities" which are often (but not always) carried out by those following "Roles" and finally, "Entities" which are any sort of phenomena that the development process is affected by, or which it desires to affect.