From civicintelligence

Hey class,

So last week a few of us got to talking about seminar and our class. Since we are taking a class on civic intelligence, shouldn't we practice civic intelligence in our own class structure? I propose we talk about this in class on Wednesday and what "incorporating civic intelligence" into our class structure means to us.

~ Maybe we could look at group norms to establish that would encourage more equal participation and foster a sense that every voice was equitably heard. I'll bring an example!

  • I am new to Evergreen and the seminar structure. I would value a discussion on what we want to get out of this process, within the framework of civic intelligence. Also, how to get greater involvement from the class so that those who are not sharing will contribute. I really enjoyed the seminar last wednesday but admit to finding it hard to get in and have my thoughts completely heard. This, of course, is partly my journey with this structure.
  • New Evergreen student.... As far as not knowing when or how to get involved in seminar I have found it helpful to come to class with questions or main topics that you would like to disscuss from the readings. When there is a silence take that oppertunity to bring in your questions/thoughts. Or you find that other people have the same thoughts/questions and find that you can start in on what they are talking about. I hope this was helpful!

  • Hey Folks, I really hope that we all have the assigned readings read so it can lead to a great seminar!

Also how do people feel about selecting an official facilitator? One of our own classmates? I think this would help give the seminar structure and allow (hopefully) for more voices to be heard!