Shared Vision (101)

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A vision should express values, purpose, and aspirations for a better future in simple terms that everyone can understand as the basis for participation in the group. Not everyone will agree that a given course of action is the best available, nor that the results of collective action will meet all expectations. Not knowing that they are pursuing dissimilar goals, people may work at cross purposes. Over time, especially where involvement is voluntary, commitment to the enterprise may erode or the group may become less diverse. Developing a Shared Vision may be the single most important task for the group to accomplish at the outset. Developing shared perspectives on both the vision and the process for enacting it are indispensable for success. Detailed goals are necessary but do not belong in the vision. On the other hand, noble sentiments and statements of principle do not always easily translate into action. The vision should be created early in the life of any collective enterprise; it will guide strategy development, decision-making and goal-setting of the group or organization and for individual projects that the group undertakes. As circumstances change, people should be prepared to modify the Shared Vision to keep it alive and capable of energizing group members.

Text: Stewart Dutfield & Douglas Schuler

Your Mission

  • Build a town hall

People need a place to meet their neighbors to discuss issues their town is facing, and as a community how to solve them. This building will be the center of the community and a place open for; debate, celebrations, conflict resolution, community think tanks.....


  • The community chest needs to raise $???
  • The community needs 200 volunteers