Shawn Sanderson

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About Me 2082848736

  • I hail from the great state of Idaho, but I've lived all over the country for spells at a time; I've made Washington my home for the past seven or eight years.
  • I love being outside and enjoying nature backpacking, riding bicycles and swimming, but I feel just as comfy with a book in front of a fire.
  • I'm in my last year here at TESC and am looking forward to putting my education into action.


  • Hard to say really: cooking, which I do for fun and for work, bicycles, and all they are associated with, people, and all their little idiosyncrasies. I find the perplexity of the human mind fascinating. I find that I can learn just as much about, say, architecture or shopping malls by visiting and watching these places and the humans who interact with them as I can from reading books about them. And really, just about anything else, it's hard to say where this list ends.

Thoughts on Learning Objectives

  • It is not the knowledge which benefits me or others at all that I am after, it that which aids in the attainment of objectives. I'm not just trying to get a bit smarter and make life a little easier, my objective is obtain the knowledge, nay, intelligence that will allow me to reach the goals I have set in place, and also those which are added along the way.

Issues I'm interested in

  • Improving social equity for everyone, and breaking down the barriers that those on top have constructed to keep the divide deep and wide. Making smart cool again; the youngest members of our society, those that are going to make policy decisions in the future, are more interested in video games than they are nature, or life, or science.