Social Action: Presence and Voice

From civicintelligence

Project Exploration by Cogdev07

A group of students could construct a theoretical model for how civic intelligence works in a community and could then test their method by organizing and/or attending preexisting local events. Each student could thoroughly record their attendances, contributions, statements/motives, and research, to document their progress and present their findings to the CORE class seminars.

Some potential examples:

  • (Public Activism Project) To perform, initiate, or attend public demonstrations which demonstrate participatory democracy, address issues of community inquiry, or unite people for common and shared cause where participants are communicating effectively and taking steps to make change.
  • (Community Inquiry and Response Project) To engage in some form of civil action where members of a community are voluntarily giving their time to work for an intelligent solution to a shared problem, and to become involved in an ongoing project.
  • (Local Symbolism Project) To receive permission from a local property owner and to construct a vessel for public display and/or participation, where community members could gain and/or contribute to some form of communally positive action/awareness totem.