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From civicintelligence

Improving CIRAL

  • Run CIRAL class time more collaboratively
    • Anyone can put up an agenda item that needs everyone's attention on the board as they come in
    • Rotating moderation by students after week two
    • Anyone can call a vote to move on (simple majority)
  • Centralize out of class communication and work -- wiki, multiple email groups, Facebook, etc. make communication too spread out, ineffective, and confusing
  • Create Asset & Interest Map of current CIRAL body at start of quarter
  • The expectations of individual CIRAL students and a clear path for meeting those expectations are not clear.
    • A list of tasks does not create a clear path for student success.
      • For a component of an academic program, this seems unfair to students.
    • In an SOS or Undergraduate Research students are prepared to be self directed.
      • CIRAL work should be de-coupled from academic programs exploring civic intelligence.
      • Intro to Civ. Int. should be considered as a pre-req. for CIRAL work
    • ILCs should be considered as a good framework for CIRAL work
      • During wk.8 clusters should draft an ILC that lays out work to be done next quarter
      • At the start of the quarter students sign on as groups to an ILC of their choice -- makes it clear for the quarter who is doing what