Terrance Menefee

From civicintelligence

Why am I interested in Civic Intelligence?

I am interested in Civic Intelligence becuase I have worked in customer service for about 6 years and I thought it would be interesting to first learn what Civic Intelligence is and to learn how people think, act, or respond to certain things and/or intelligence. Studying people is always something that interested me so I thought me and this course would be a perfect fit.

What do I want to accomplish in this program?

In this program I hope to accomplish a better understanding of society's intelligence and to have a better understanding of what civic intelligence is. I want to push myself to "think outside of the box" and incorporate some of my ideas in everyday life.

What things might I want to pursue with the game project?

With the board game, I hope to inform the players about the community and the people that make up the community around them. I hope to inform them of some of the issues and crises that will effect them directly if we dont take the proper steps to educate each other and put together an action plan to soften the blow.