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The information posted below referring to "University of the People" has been taken directly from their website, and is followed by an MLA citation. Personally I feel that this is a great stride toward creating civic intelligence, and better yet it is being offered on a global scale. The only catch is that there are still certain restrictions for admissions such as having to be fluent in the English language (because that is primary language that the courses are being offered in) -and also that applicants must have records of a high-school degree/diploma equivalency. But at least it's a start towards free education.

UoPeople operates on a limited budget without sacrificing the quality of education by employing collaborative and open-source e-learning. UoPeople embraces peer-to-peer and collaborative learning to provide university-level programs to a global student body. Within the online study communities, students share resources, exchange ideas, discuss weekly topics, submit assignments and take exams.

A community of educators comprised of active and retired professors, librarians, master-level students and other professionals participate in the educational activity and oversee the assessment process of this tuition-free online education model.

Mission - UoPeople is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing universal access to higher education.

Partners & Allies - University of the People works with various organizations to help further access to higher education.

University of the People is a nonprofit venture that is beginning to revolutionize higher education by providing universal access to tuition-free online education, even in the poorest areas of the world.

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