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Patterns Chosen

Patterns/ Apples to Apples

Rounds 1-5 (Chosen Patterns)

  • Future Design (Adjective: Hip)
  • Sense of Struggle (Adjective: Upsetting)
  • Activist Road Trip (Adjective: Parochial)
  • Public Domain Characters (Adjective: Common-Place)
  • Engaged Tourism (Adjective: Mind Blowing)

Top Three Selected

  • Future Design
  • Engaged Tourism
  • Activist Road Trip


Travel the world using technology without costly setbacks. Destinations of the tour will highlight local struggles and unique ecosystems.

Mission Statement

Educate the masses on social issues without harming the environment through virtual tourism. Promote awareness with the hope of alleviating future environmental degradation.

Who Will Benefit?

People traveling via the virtual tour will save money over air travel and gain experiences that improve their understanding of the world and forces at work within it. The people on the hosting side of the virtual tour will benefit from the reduction of traffic on sensitive environmental areas, and in wider exposure to social struggles which may garner help and contributing ideas for possible solutions from the global community. Society as a whole will benefit when more people understand what is happening in the world around them.

How does this project use the civic intelligence patterns?

Future Design is duplicated in our project through the use of cutting-edge holographic technology and also by attempting to change current mindsets about the way we experience distant places. Sense of Struggle will be present in the awareness that some of the tours bring to social struggles happening around the world. Activist Road Trip will involve the people who travel to initially research tour sites and, through virtual means, the people who engage in the Virtual EcoTourism and the results of their responsive efforts. Public Domain Characters was used in the project in the form of our mascot. The camera figure is available for free public use and replication. Engaged Tourism really is the pattern which is the backbone of this project. First, the profits of the project will go to support groups which help these various environments in remediation. The selection of environments which will be highlighted will bring attention to issues which may offer the opportunity of further engagement for tourists, beyond the money they have invested in the project.

How is this project an example of civic intelligence?

This project is an example of civic intelligence in two areas particularly. The first is in the problem-solving around the environmental impact concerns associated with travel. By traveling virtually people are mitigating the effects of environmentally costly plane flights, for example, or human traffic in ecologically sensitive areas. Next, as the concerns of the destination sites are shared with the rest of the population, this prompts dialogue and alliances or networking for further problem-solving. This may be in the case of social issues or environmental issues, or others, which receive attention from the virtual tours.


Asa, Robert, Jennifer, Cory, Kyle