Advertising-Funded Media

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(1) Description of the pattern

This pattern presents the system wherein media stations are primarily funded by selling advertising time to others. This time is often very expensive and favors large companies. This creates a system in which the media answers not to the public, but to the companies that are paying for the advertising time.

(2) Why the pattern is good (i.e. bad)

Money talks, therefore the companies or individuals with the most money represent the strongest voice. Advertisers represent the consumers of the product, therefor they have the best idea of what the public wants. If media outlets do not cooperate with advertisers they are not providing what is best for the viewers. This ensures the media only presents content that is acceptable to the consumer.


The search for ratings to support advertisers has been the system for years. News media in particular has been sensationalizing stories in order to draw eyes onto their channel and to advertisements.