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Here is the list of all the changes we are working on right now for the anti-pattern project as of Fall quarter 2013.

Anti-pattern To-do list

Compartmentalization of Knowledge- Needs a lot of content added – pretty small, needs links, Needs photo, Doug?,

Dumbing Down – Maybe too long… Ironically it might need “dumbed down”…

Forbidden Knowledge – Needs how it works section, Added Links

Opacity – Needs formatting,

Hidden Agendas – Formatting all over the place,

Corruption and Fraud – Needs more content and especially in How it Works section,

Denialism – Small formatting

Ultra-nationalism – Needs fleshing out, sections are very short

Monopoly – Not much here Delete?, needs how it works and links,

Fear Mongering – Minor Formatting

Focus on Deficiencies – Needs picture, needs links

Activism Delegitimization – Needs fleshed out

"Balance" Deception – Needs Photo Xenophobia – Needs fleshed out

Unacknowledged Privilege – picture needed, fleshed out

Work Done list

Should look like this:

Antipatternname – picture added, links added, fleshed out description

Start Here:

Unacknowledged Privilege – picture added

Consumerism – picture added, fleshed out how it works section

Fundamentalism – Fleshed out a bit and added links

Environmental Degradation - Added Links

Forbidden Knowledge – Added photo, formatted (Sections missing and not consistent)

Corruption and Fraud – Added Links, Added Description, Added How it Works (still needs more content), Formatted

Cultural imperialism – Added Links,

Mock Public Space – Added Links,

Sustaining World Hunger – Added Links

Profit-motivated Health Care - Added Links, Formatting

Ultra-nationalism - new photo

Opacity - Editied/added Links, took out "discussion" text from the pattern and placed it in the "Discussion" area of the Wiki

Social Darwinism – Fixed formatting, Added Links

Bad Education – Small formatting

Criminalizing Poverty – Fixed formatting

Professional Obfuscation – Fixed formatting, Added links

Societal Apathy – Fixed formatting

Advertising-Funded Media – Added links

Silenced Voices – Added links,

"Balance" Deception – Formatting, Added links, Added content