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Here is the list of all the changes we are working on right now for the anti-pattern project as of Fall quarter 2013.

Link to Work List fall 2013 -please do not edit-this shows the work done for Fall Quarter 2013.

Pretty much all patterns need things added to the Evidence section and the References Section so this list doesn't list that, but feel free to work on that and state below where you worked on it.

Anti-pattern To-do list

Compartmentalization of Knowledge- needs some content added since it is still a bit small

Dumbing Down – Maybe too long… Ironically it might need “dumbed down”…

Corruption and Fraud – Needs more content and especially in How it Works section,

Fear Mongering – Minor Formatting

Activism Delegitimization – Worked on it a bit but still needs a bit more content about how it works with some examples of use

Xenophobia – Needs fleshed out

Unacknowledged Privilege – fleshed out

Work Done list

Should look like this:

Antipatternname –your name- brief description of what was added or changed


Dumbing Down –Justin-Added content to How it works section, added link, added reference, added photo, (etc)

Start Here: