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I've added most — if not all — of our readings. To discuss any of them, add a link to a page in this form: discuss authorsurname year-of-publication. This can be followed by a number (.1, .2 ...) if there are multiple writings by the same author in one year.

Note that most of these haven't yet been put in proper form yet.

Briggs, X. (2009?). Conclusion in Democracy as Problem-Solving. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Marcus, Memory and Belief from Kluge

Bransford et al, Learning: From Speculation to Science, and How Experts Differ from Novices from How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School

Chapter(s) from The Art of Game Design (or other game chapters)

Hey Doug do you think we should adopt the format below (standard MLA) or stick with the format above, or something in between?

I'm not in a hurry to get these perfect but it would be nice to get them alphabetized by author's last name. (Then things like author's firstname initial, publication date (within parends), name of book or name of chapter within a book.)(Publisher location and publisher name towards end.

Schell, Jesse. The Art of Game Design. 1st. Burlington, MA: Elsevier, 2008. Print.

Read all pattern cards and 12 full patterns

Managing Global Environmental Change From Learning to Manage Global Environmental Risks, Social Learning Group, and Matrifocal Orientation pattern

McCormick, It's Their Call, Stanford Alumni Magazine

Addams, J. Activities and Investigations from Twenty Years At Hull-House

Corburn, J. The Mapping of Local Knowledge (ch 6) from Citizen Science

Bridging the Bay: University-Community Collaborations (San Francisco Bay Area), Manuel Pastor, Rachel Rosner, Juliet Ellis, and Elizabeth Tan in Breakthrough Communities, Pavel, M. (ed.)

Marcus, G. True Wisdom in in Kluge.

Framing and Mental Models articles

Bridging the Bay: University-Community Collaborations (San Francisco Bay Area); and Manuel Pastor, Rachel Rosner, Juliet Ellis, and Elizabeth Tan, in Breakthrough Communities, Pavel, P.

Jones, V. Climate Change and the Quest for Regional Equity, in Breakthrough Communities, Pavel, M. (ed.)

A Global Perspective: Community-driven Solutions to Urban Poverty, Celine d’Cruz and David Satterthwaite, in Breakthrough Communities, Pavel, M. (ed.)

Schuler, Cultivating Society's Civic Intelligence: Patterns for a New "World Brain"; (discuss Schuler 2001)

Schuler, D. Evaluating the Language and Transformation through Communication, Liberating Voices (discuss Schuler 2008.1)

Schuler, D. Civic Intelligence pattern (discuss Schuler 2008.2)

Schuler, D. Deliberation that Matters: Realizing the Potential for Civic Intelligence (discuss Schuler 2011)