Book Table of Contents

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Prologue Section I -- What is Civic Intelligence -- and Why?!

       Introduction to Section I
       Big Questions
       Intelligence in Individuals and Groups 
       History of Civic Intelligence 
       Related Disciplines
       Conclusions to Section I

Section II -- Thought / Action Perspectives: Seven Views of Civic Inelligence

       Introduction to Section II
       Civic Intelligence as Activism
       Civic Intelligence as Education
       Civic Intelligence as Social Science
        Civic Intelligence as Professional Practice: Government, Policy, and Organizational Development
       Civic Intelligence as Policy
       Civic Intelligence as Technological Development
       Civic Intelligence as Community Building
       Conclusions to Section II

Section III -- Conclusions and Possible Futures

       Introduction to Section III (maybe)
       Conclusions and Possible Futures
       Conclusions to Section III (maybe)

Section IV -- Back Matter

       Web Sites
       Examples used (and not used) in book
       Authors and Other Contributors