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  • Alex
  • Christianna
  • Merilyn
  • Leon


To determine which team has the most knowledge of Civic Intelligence.


  • This game was inspired by the game charades. Using the basics of charades we used the pattern cards as the focus of each performance round. There will be a stack of cards and on each card will have the pattern name, a brief description, scenarios, and words not allowed to be used to describe the pattern. One person from each team will come up and act out the same pattern chosen at random. They can act out the scenarios written on the card or ad-lib their own scenarios. Their goal is to act out the chosen pattern to get their team to guess the right pattern; the team that guesses correctly gets the point. The point of the game is to see which team can get the most points and show the most Civic Intelligence, but with this game gaining knowledge in Civic Intelligence makes everyone winners.

Game Rules

1. Two Teams (about 8+ to each team).

Group Ideas

This is the page for the Fruit Bats, who've been looking at organizing an active group activity game that encourages authentic play, empathy, and collective intelligence. Some links to look at for resources are here: Here's a little Game inspiration!

  • The Power of Hope Games Wiki!
  • The Oasis Game: Open Source Social Technology!

and Here!

  • The Phoenix Labryrinth, Real-life and Online
  • The No Fault Zone Game website!
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