CIA Rules Final

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CIA Rules

C. I. Attributes

Players: 2-4 Objective: Collect all the combinations of attribute cards needed to solve the problem.

Rules: 1. Players roll dive to see who picks a problem card first. The winner of the die roll will also start the game. 2. Turns rotate clockwise. 3. Players roll dice to navigate clockwise around the board. 4. Apply to box when indicated 5. Repeat until all combinations of attributes and solve problem to win.

Game Play:

Trading: Players can trade with anyone playing – trading is a choice for the player who landed on the square. A player must complete one board rotation before trading. The player who lands on a Trade square may request any attribute card from any other player, if the chosen player does not hold the requested attribute card no trade occurs. If a player trades with another player he much give one card of his choosing in his own hand to the player who was forced to trade.

Go Hole: Lose one pattern/ combination.

Lose Card: Place one Attribute card back in the deck.

Pick Card: Draw one card from Attribute deck.

Lose Turn: Player skips next role.

Free Pattern: Pick combination.

Passing Go: Draw one Attribute card from the deck.