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This page will try to collect links to important information.  Students can create links to their papers from here.
===Student Papers===
===Student Papers===

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Student Papers

Topic Author File link
Cuba's Agricultural System Mattea Kline Cuba Case Study.pdf
TESC Food System Mattea Kline Creating A Just and Sustainable Food System.pdf
CIRAL Michael O'Neill CIRAL Analytical Paper.pdf
Social Organisms Michael O'Neill O'Neill Social organisms.pdf
Health in Cowlitz County Michael O'Neill File:Final Report
CICA Asher Loring Asher.LoringCICA2012.pdf

In Class Workshops

Page File
CIRAL World Cafe Feedback CIRAL cafe notes.pdf
Home Office - Feedback Workshop, Winter 2012 n/a

CIRAL Student Groups

Topic Status Contact
Homelessness Active ciral-vs-homelessness@lists.riseup.net
Food Active CIRAL_Food_Systems_Group@GoogleGroups.com
Environment x x
Education x x
Home Office Active CIRAL@GoogleGroups.com
ICT Development Active CIRAL@GoogleGroups.com

Miscellaneous Contributions

Category Author Link
Video John Baldridge PhD Civilization