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Student Papers

Topic Author File link
TESC Homeless Survey Report 2012 Alex Daye 2012 TESC Homelessness Report.pdf
Cuba's Agricultural System Mattea Kline Cuba Case Study.pdf
TESC Food System Mattea Kline Creating A Just and Sustainable Food System.pdf
CIRAL Michael O'Neill CIRAL Analytical Paper.pdf
Social Organisms Michael O'Neill O'Neill Social organisms.pdf
Health in Cowlitz County Michael O'Neill File:Final Report
CICA Asher Loring Asher.LoringCICA2012.pdf

In Class Workshops

Page File
CIRAL World Cafe Feedback CIRAL cafe notes.pdf
Home Office - Feedback Workshop, Winter 2012 n/a

CIRAL Student Groups

Topic Status Contact
Homelessness Active
Food Active
Environment x x
Education x x
Home Office Active
ICT Development Active

Completed Projects

Topic Author File link
Health in Cowlitz County Michael O'Neill Final Report

Miscellaneous Contributions

Category Author Link
Video John Baldridge PhD Civilization