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Project Description (purpose, etc.)

The goal of the CIRAL is to create a student lead and run class/organization that encourages and teaches social action for the betterment of not just our society, but those around the world. The focus will be primarily working with local organizations. The hope is that this class will last between 2-10 years, although longer would be preferred.

Among the goals of this project are;

  • To create a culture of lifelong education
  • Building the skills necessary to be effective citizens
  • Integrate community with university, starting locally but expanding in later years
  • Integrate social theories with social practice
  • Explore and encourage social innovations

Stakeholders (needs, roles, and responsibilities)

As we flesh out the Implementation Model we'll be able to get a better idea of who we need involved in what capacity. This may become more than just a description of who will be involved in what capacity. Part of our consideration should be how do we get these people involved and excited about CIRAL.

Implementation Models

All models will include a core class which;

  • Teaches basics of understanding ideas in a group context
  • Enables people on different contracts/projects to communicate, share ideas, compare and enhance their own projects

4 Credit Core Model

  • Votes (3)

4 Credit Main Class

  • Bi-weekly meetings to collaborate and learn the skills for starting or enhancing civic intelligence programs

Student Contracts

  • 4-8 credit individual and/or group contracts added onto the class.
    • These contracts will either work with local organizations already in place, or help create new ones
    • Contracts will be predetermined for first quarter, with intent of letting students decide in later semesters.
  • Contracts should cover a variety of interests

2 Credit Core Model

  • Votes (0)

2 credit Main Class

  • Weekly meetings to collaborate and to learn skills, trade different projects ideas.
  • 2 credit modules added on
    • 2 credit Math, Science, etc. modules to cover full classes.

Curricular Areas

This is a brainstorm of topics that should be covered in the core class

Please add to this list
  • facilitation skills
  • Planning and Management
  • Social Change -- Theory and Practice
  • writing Evergreen Learning Contracts
  • Modules in specific areas of interest
    • sociology
    • grant writing
    • visual/public arts
    • applied mathematics

Project Explorations

This section should evolve into at least five projects that students could engage in through the lab. In the four credit core model, these projects could be proposed as individual/group learning contracts that students could sing on to during the first week of class.


  • Roles
  • Task descriptions
  • Timeline



Project in infancy

Issues, Complaints, and Suggestions